Raul Julia as General M. Bison Crossing the Alps            

" ... it was Tuesday"

The opportunity now exists to obtain a rare piece of Street Fighter history!

Well ... authentic copies anyway!!

The original painting is to be seen in General M. Bison's bedroom in the STREET FIGHTER movie, where Raul Julia gives his ".. it was Tuesday" monologue.

I am the original artist and was graphic designer for the Street Fighter movie.

I am offering 4 sizes of print with the largest on canvas and two smaller prints on Fine Art paper stock. Details can be found on the order page.
These editions have been based on 35mm neg taken, by me, of the original painting at the time. They have been drum scanned and restored as close to the original that I can conjure.

More Limited than Limited ... Edition Prints

The prints will be produced on demand, so the fewer who purchase them, the more exclusive they will be. I am not sure exactly if that's a good thing … especially for me … but I will put a counter on the site so you can keep tabs on the print totals. I doubt more than a handful will ever be ordered ... expect yours to be fairly exclusive.

Forget art just give me Print on Demand T's etc

Try TeePublic for TShirts or for posters and art prints.
They even have a Tapestry that is bigger than the original.
I am sure it will be impressive and at under a hundred bucks ... a genuine steal.
Same artwork as the canvas prints only the resolution ain't there, four colour print and it's a fabric backing. Stand back and you won't notice the difference;)
Seriously ... I have sold a couple ... if anybody would like to give me a review ... I love to hear it.

I've even put up some other graphics on TeePublic like the Shadaloo, Allied Nations and the GNT News logo .... go wild.

Or you could even try TeeSpring for TShirts and homeware etc etc they do a 300dpi as opposed to TeePublics 150dpi.

Once again, if you buy any of this merch any feedback is more than welcome.