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454 x 550 on Photo Rag Baryta

         $420.00 + GST Australia Only + Shipping & Handling

Want more ... just keep filling stuff in

38" x 46" on Canvas

Edge wrap   

    White       Black      Mirrored      $800.00 + GST Australia Only + Shipping & Handling

Mirrored is probably best ... any misalignment of the edges won't be so noticable if the stretching isn't up to spec!
But hey .... if you want a dramatic look and you aren't going to frame it .... black might be the go!
Your choice ... doesn't matter too much 'cause they all cost the same.

641 x 776 on Photo Rag

         $580.00 + GST Australia Only + Shipping & Handling


Just so you have a general idea of the shipping & handling. As of Jan 2015

For one Canvas print                 For one A0 print                For one A1 print
US $160.00 AUD                       US $100.00 AUD               US $80.00 AUD
  AU $80.00 AUD                         AU $50.00 AUD              AU $40.00 AUD

and delivery ....
Please allow a week for printing and at least a week to get to the other side of the Planet.